The PONS Racing team's cars are the stars of the team's technical office, but the team also has an important department of marketing and communication that implements driven sponsorship programs with sponsors of the team, ensuring maximum impact and return for companies that are associated with PONS Racing Team.

    <p>Roberto Merhi<br />Driver</p>

    Roberto Merhi

    <p>Philo Paz Patrick Armand<br />Driver</p>

    Philo Paz Patrick Armand

    <p>Emilio de Villota<br />Team Manager</p>

    Emilio de Villota
    Team Manager

    <p>Jordi Pons<br />Operations Manager</p>

    Jordi Pons
    Operations Manager

    <p>Sergi Borrull<br />Technical Director</p>

    Sergi Borrull
    Technical Director

    <p>Humphrey Corbett<br />Track Engineer</p>

    Humphrey Corbett
    Track Engineer

    <p>Jerome Woiret<br />Track Engineer</p>

    Jerome Woiret
    Track Engineer

    <p>Javier Jurado<br />Data Engineer</p>

    Javier Jurado
    Data Engineer

    <p>Miguel Ángel Nieto<br />Chief Mechanics</p>

    Miguel Ángel Nieto
    Chief Mechanics

    <p>Ángel Rodríguez<br />Hospitality</p>

    Ángel Rodríguez

    <p>Mikel Pérez<br />Fisrt Mechanic</p>

    Mikel Pérez
    Fisrt Mechanic

    <p>Artur Pardos<br />First Mechanic</p>

    Artur Pardos
    First Mechanic

    <p>Javier Alonso<br />Mechanic</p>

    Javier Alonso

    <p>Juan José Tena<br />Mechanic</p>

    Juan José Tena

    <p>Borja Prol<br />Aux. Mechanic</p>

    Borja Prol
    Aux. Mechanic

    <p>Alberto Aranda<br />Aux. Mechanic</p>

    Alberto Aranda
    Aux. Mechanic

Press Officer: Maximo Costa (

Designer: Oriol Gené
Administration Manager: Susana Ravell  

Pons WS Team


9 Seasons in World Series
12 Wins
30 Podiums
1 World Series Drivers title: 2004 Heikki Kovalainen
1 World Series Team title: 2004
2 Place World Series Drivers: 2005 Adrián Vallés

2012 Zoel Amberg, Yann Cunha
2011  Oliver Webb, Nick Yelloy, Adrien Tambay
2010  Federico Leo - Daniel Zampieri
2009  Marcos Martínez - Federico Leo
2008  Marcos Martínez - Máximo Cortés - Aleix Alcaraz
2007  Daniel Molina - Carlos Iaconelli
2006  James Rossiter - Celso Míguez - Tristán Gommendy
2005  Adrián Vallés - Celso Míguez
2004  Heikki Kovalainen - Adrián Vallés